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Lung Home Rehabilitation

Chronic lung disease is an ongoing problem that keeps you from breathing normally. Many conditions are considered chronic lung disease. These include COPD, asthma, restrictive lung disease, and cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis and Respiratory failure.
Before you get started in Lung home rehabilitation, the pulmonary rehab team will assess your needs. You will be asked about your health history, symptoms, and physical limitations. If you have joint pain or any other health problems, be sure to discuss them with the team.
Package includes:
1) Care taker: Who will help in daily activities ( Bathing, Grooming etc)
2) Respiratory Physiotherapist / Physiotherapist: He or She will help in regular deep breathing exercises and chest physiotherapy, and also help in Medical devices management (Oxygen concentrator, CPAP and BIPAP Machines)
3) Physician: 1 visit/ week for 2 weeks ,who will assess the overall well being of the patient.
4) Nurse (Optional): : Qualified nurse helps in BP, Pulse and respiratory rate monitoring with medication management.
5) Dietician: Will chart out Diet options and will advice on calorie intake.
6) Emotional support and counseling: Will be able to share your experiences and express your concerns.

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