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HEART Home Care Package

Patients who have coronary artery disease(CAD) i.e blocks in arteries supplying blood to heart or valvular heart disease , most of them have to undergo open heart surgery. The real challenge comes post discharge from hospital when patient is required to take various medications on a daily basis to prevent recurrent clots.
Package includes
1) Respiratory Physiotherapist / Physiotherapist : He or She will help in regular deep breathing exercises and chest physiotherapy.
2) Care taker: Who will help in daily activities. ( Bathing, Grooming etc)
3) Physician: 1 visit/ week for 2 weeks ,who will assess the overall well being of the patient.
4) Dietician (Optional ): Will chart out Diet options and will advice on calorie intake.
5) Nurse (Optional) :Qualified nurse helps in BP, Pulse and respiratory rate monitoring with medication management.

Our team will be in regular touch with our Primary Cardio thoracic surgeon about the process on a regular basis.

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