Stroke/ Dementia/ Parkinson’s Home Care

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Stroke/ Dementia/ Parkinson’s Home Care package

Stroke causes weakness on one side the body, difficulty or loss of speech, decreased field of vision, loss of emotional control, loss of bowel and bladder control, frequent change in moods and behavior.

Various studies have proven that good home rehabilitation for stroke and Parkinson’s patients can halt progress of disease and reduce complications. It also prevents recurrent hospitalization. Our Stroke, Dementia and Parkinson’s Home care package include:

Package includes
1) Physiotherapist: He or She will help in regular upper and lower limb exercises and improve mobility.
2) Care taker: Who will help in daily activities. ( Bathing, Grooming etc)
3) Physician: Week for 2 weeks, who will assess the overall well being of the patient.
4) Nurse (Optional): Qualified nurse helps in BP, Pulse and respiratory rate monitoring with medication management.

Our team will be in regular touch with our Primary Physician/ Neurologist about the process on a regular basis.

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